More about me, since you'r interested.

I live in the Netherlands, starting in 1951 as a baby-girl. My parents were living at that time, nine months before, in Semarang, Java, Indonesia.

Some years later, more then half a century, I got my first laptop, still have, and this was the door to the world.   Till then my world was small, protected, familiar.

Starting to surf the internet, looking into many spiritual stuff, I also “found” cropcircles.  Where do they come from, why are they here, what message do they tell. There's lots of information and interesting thoughts published already.

I will stick to my thing, which happen to be the paintings.

I don’t believe in coincidence. Making one step will lead you to an other. How or when you decide or are forced to make them, can be differs. But the road is there, with bypasses, but leading to, I have to think now,...well surge it yourself.

Combining all the signs on my road, made me decide to make the paintings. Not a painter myself, was it coincidence?, Was it, when I got the opportunity to stay a couple of times in Indonesia, meeting the right people?

Now that I’m working on my website, I feel a lot of energy, is it because I’m looking at the paintings, making the size, the frame, the gallery?...Yes I dare to say.

The same thing happened reversed, when I had my first “exposition”, only two paintings to show. One of them was my favorite, a star, in blue. Coming home the first day, I felt something was missing, didn't know what, till I looked at the place “my painting” used to be. Wow, this was it, I use to look at it, it’s in the hallway, many times a day, when I pass. This is really what happened. I missed the energy coming from the painting.

Maybe you already feel the energy, looking at them, right now


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